Active paintings 2009

Images are painted by special colour which can clear the air by the photocatalitic TiO2.
It is is an invent of czech scientists.
I started paintigs before the research was finished, so I had to experimet with pigment TiO2 and various pastes. Now there is a produkt Detoxy color of firm Rokospol and everyone can paint.
In ecology crisis we have to think what our work may cause in nature., který nelze pokácet, 60x125cm, Detoxy na desce_jpg.jpgživení, 80x122cm, Detoxy na desce.jpgň karibský, 100x117cm.jpg v jevanech, 120x120cm, 2009.jpg, 2009.jpg,80x122, 2009.jpg plantaz v Amazonii.jpg pralesa.jpg, 40x40 cm, 2008.jpgí.jpgét prof_ Rona Douglase, 45 x 45 cm, 2009.jpg