In Between (2007)

Project includes four paintings with natural subject, which requires specific installation. The paintings have to be installed each on the single wall opposite to each other. They represent a situation from four views and altogether they should make impression of space.
There are several events with the animals in paintings, which are in nature in the unceasing jeopardy. Everything happens in 10 minutes before sunset. In some of the paintings is possible to see a part from another painting.
For example in the painting "Owl" is a hill in the background, where the hare sits and in the painting "Roe" is in the background the same hill from the other side. The sitting hare is covered, but there can be noticed circling owl among mosquitos around roe-deer's hip etc. sova 110x280cm, olej na MDF, 2007 – kopie.jpg srnka 100x380cm – kopie.jpg zajic, 120x120cm, olej na MDF, 2007_IMG_3935 – kopie.jpg mrak, 112x262cm, olej na MDF, 2007 – kopie.jpg!Uprostred TISK3.jpg!Uprostred TISK4.jpg of B11 copy.jpg názvu-1.jpg názvu-2.jpg názvu-2018-.jpg