2015-18 Painting Upside Down

Painting is a language, where every detail is a part of whole piece and has raison d'etre.

Painting From Behind
Here I realize romantic idea of view from the inside of the painting.
Lower and upper layers of painting have similar structure. Points, details and lines. The mass of color is in the central layer. Reordering of layers allows the reverse illusion of space.

Painting named Structure makes one big structure from the small single pictures.

Rotated image
An image whose all four sides have equal importance.
When painting, I rotate the image after three minutes, otherwise I proceed in the usual way,
according to a predetermined scenario.

Occult paintings
Images with a hidden layer.
I use the layering process as a specific feature of painting. Layers can hide secrets.
I painted images in which the layer with the main message, the emotional scene, is overlaid again by a calm background layer, and is therefore inside the image. The landscape usually serves as the backdrop for the story, the place where something takes place. Even a separate landscape creates space for other ideas. In the end, one always creates the overall picture in one's head. Here, however, the image really hides something. By covering something, we do not get rid of it, but it can come to the surface over time. It is certain that an image that is repainted several times is not the same as an image that has only one motif in one layer. An image that has a frightening message or curse painted in it is different from an image with a positive, erotic, or no message.
Still life with a hidden layer
I wonder if the paintings have a charge and if you can feel them. I have painted pictures where extremely emotional scenes and messages are obscured by neutral still lifes can serve as a sensitivity test. The important thing is that the picture has more in it than can be seen. It became a mailbox.áze perspektiv.jpg malby01.jpg malby02.jpg malby03.jpg malby04.jpg malby05.jpg!DSC09689_1.jpg, 50x35cm.jpg!DSC09690_1.jpg!DSC09665_1.jpg!DSC09677uu.jpg!DSC09683u.jpg struktura2.jpgř, 100x172cm, 2017.jpg