Green Landscapes
A separate part of my formation consists of green landscapes painted in the open air.
These are glimpses into the forest structures, green images without the sky. I believe that such images is the world's few.
Green color is treacherous for painters, even landscapers, avoid it. It is difficult paint it to look naturally. Even cameras have trouble with green. I paint only in cloudy days, their annual average is 130 per year. In the summer months of May, June, July and August, there are only about 7 days per month.

Castle Game Reserve in Choltice
This collection is dedicated to one place.

49.979563, 15.616099
Part of the park is maintained as a castle park and part was left alone for over 80 years and became a special wilderness, which visitors to Boubín are looking for in vain. A young forest has grown here which hides the bodies of 800-year-old solitary oaks. This created a unique state that is apparently unsustainable and is in a state of disintegration. There is beauty and sadness in it. Oaks surrounded by forest are gradually dying out. Young trees are rubbing them, breaking their branches and the giants are not able to heal them or grow new ones.
The caretaker and gardener began cleaning up the park (pruning trees and shrubs) with the words: "it should be visible from one end to the other". Time is pushing from all sides, on the one hand it is advancing in strips of revitalization and at the same time the trees are falling by themselves.

Interestingly, these paintings are not painted from one place. They are composed so that as many old oaks as possible can be seen among the thin trees. I was moving on an area of several tens of meters.,2014,100x150cm.jpg,2014,100x125cm.jpg, 2015.jpg,2019,100x182cm.jpgři z obory, 100x210cm, 2017.jpgí, 2017, 100x161cm.jpg zemi,2016,100x175,8cmDSC04161_2.jpgř,2016,100x120,9cm.jpgřka, 2018, 125x250cm.jpgána, 120x95cm, 2014.jpgý okruh1_DSC00914 (2)_1_v2.jpgý okruh1_DSC0246.jpgý okruh1 - kopie.jpgý okruh2_2013_11_61x150cm.jpgý okruh2_2013_11_61x195cm.jpg Tondova místa 50x61-3b.jpg, 120x80cm_v2.jpgý shluk_61x85cm.jpgý dub, DSC09768_1.jpg 101,5x88,5cm,2008.jpg 3_okruh.jpg